About the Writer


         Howdy! I'm Peyton. I'm a homeschooled fifteen year old Christian girl who loves to read, write, and and take pictures. This is my little corner of the internet. On here you fill find a jumble of my thoughts, writings, pictures, dreams and what not!

You'll soon find out that......

  •  I love anything old, vintage, or country.
  • I love the ocean and marshes (this is good since I live in South Carolina and would only live in very few other places!)
  • I love the mountain air
  • I love music 
  • Coffee makes my world much brighter
  • I love reading the writings of Spurgeon, C.S Lewis, the Puritans, Jonathon Edwards, and David Brainard
  • I LOVE photography and hope to be a photographer after I graduate 
  • The library is pure awesomeness
  • I love baking breads, cookies, Amish pies and the list goes on......
  • I am very bad artist, even though I would love to be good at it 
  • I have a heart for orphans and pray that I can adopt one day 
  • I hope to go on a missions trip to Uganda in July!:)
  • I'm learning to play the guitar 
  • I'm LOVE to write and am working on a book
  • I'm about 5'8" 
  • I'm the kind of girl that people would  describe as a girly tomboy. The tomboy part comes from having so many brothers!:)
  • I am the second oldest (oldest girl) of ten children and LOVE it. 
  • Singing and humming are things I do best:) 
  • I love to where skirts and dresses 
  • I love the outdoors, I could play for hours with my brothers in the woods
  • I hope to one day be able to make soap, candles, and medicnes 
  • I like to study herbs and their health benefits
  • There aren't to many foods I dislike, but I can't stand raw onions and liver 
  • I love the 50's era 
  • My personality is a good mix of serious, spunky, and bubbly                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Hope you enjoy! ~Peyton