Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Am a Slave, But Free

                                               I Am a Slave, But Free

                                                             Part 1

                                                    By Peyton Hardwick

  Goellky (Go-el-kee) Saverbar ran wildly across his little hut that his family owned, Africa 1852. The 10 year olds father grabbed his 5-year-old son Tahokay (Tu-hok-a-y) off of his cot, his mother grabbed their 1-year-old daughter Punweea (Pun-we-u) up, and they rushed out of the hut. Slave traders ran every which way grabbing people and chaining them together. Anger surged through Goellky as he saw one man push his cousin into the human line, why? Because they were greedy, spoiled, self-centered brats! He thought clenching his fist. I mean come on, they were there distant relatives, Africans just like them! Goellky then as they were making a dash for the woods and no one seemed to notice the boy saw his only cousin, 6 year old Tea ( Tee-u) just standing there crying as the men shoved her parents into the carts. Goellky suddenly rushed over to the little girl grabbing her arm and pulling away. Goellky had a stab of bitter pane run through him as he saw that his parents had not waited on him, he knew they did not really care much for him at all, mainly because he was not very handsome and was scrawny and small. His father doted over their plump 5 year old and his mother put Punweea over all her children. He was dashing for the woods when suddenly a pair of hands seized his thin shoulders and Tea’s too. They both screamed out in fright, well Tea did, Goellky screamed out in bitter anger. Goellky punched and kicked with all his might and just as the man almost lost his grip on him the man called for a another man that came over with a big whip and CRACK, the big whip wiped across Goellky's bare leg's causing him to sit still so that the man could hand cuff his wrists.

Part 2 coming soon!

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  1. Pey, did you write this? WOW!!! This is awesome! I can't wait to read part 2.


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