Monday, January 31, 2011


Today in the mail we received a Voice of the Martyrs news update. Well as I read it I saw something about how we can help send Bibles to the FARC Guerrillas and persecuted Christan's. Here is what you do: first you go to the Voice of the Martyrs website, and you can register for a parachute making kit. Once you have done so, they send you the kit and instructions to making one. Then once you have made one, you send it back to them. Then the tie little bags with Bibles on the ends, and (from in a plane) drop them over the FARC Guerrilla camps.I thought this was a wonderful way to help spread Gods Word to those who don't have any Bibles.


  1. I saw that too! We could split the price and do it together! I think it's only $10. and it comes with 10 parachutes. Let's do it!!!

  2. I think that is awesome, Peyton. Never lose your giving heart.


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