Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Pictures

 Hello every one! It has rained here the past few days and today was cloudy, but I was still able to take a few pictures. Our azalea bushes have bloomed and they are so pretty! Farah Beth wanted me to put some of the flowers in her hair, so I did. When I did, she said she was the "Flower Princess." She was so cute,so I had to get some pictures of her also!!! Here is just a little poem I made up. Spring, what a wonderful time of year, Oh how glad I am that you are near!!!

                                                                     Hello Mr. lizard
                                   Water drops that looks like crystal, so pretty!
                                    Is she not so adorable??
                                                                       Flower Princess
                                                     some little flowers growing in our yard

                                                             a sweet smelling rose
                                                                        My favorite picture yet!!!




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~Proverbs 25:11