Wednesday, April 13, 2011


                                             Farah Beth's "callupiter!"
                                                                    A little home
            Hello Readers!! I hope you all are enjoying the nice cool weather (well most of you.) I love Spring weather, and so do the caterpillars!! Those little silk worms love to drop every where!! You can be walking and all of a sudden one drops down right in your face. We are surrounded by woods which makes them especially bad, and makes you covered with them when you walk out doors.                                                                                                                                                      Besides these, there are the big kinds, with hairy backs, or ones that have snow men on them! My little siblings found them very fascinating little things, and are keeping as many as they can find! Poor little things (caterpillars.) Farah Beth and Josiah especially like them. A couple days ago my little sisters rescued a trapped lizard from their window, so I took it back out side for them. Josiah followed me out. When I put him down, he said, "what his name?" I laughed and said, " his name is Gecko." You know, like that little lizard on commercials.                                                                                                          Well he liked that name, and calls caterpillars "Gecko's" now! He will say, " I want a Gecko", pointing at a caterpillar!LOL!! Then little Farah Beth will try to correct him saying, " it's not a Gecko Joby, it's a callupiter!!" So the pictures above are some of their little homes.    


  1. Morey Maggie and Boaz have gone loco over caterpillars! It must be a little kid thang!!
    They collected 15 in a bucket the other day! They all died by the next day! LOL:)

  2. That is so cool, Peyton. I think it would be awesome to see so many in one area. I love your pictures. They are beautiful!!

  3. Great pictures peyton! I haven't seen any caterpillars yet. I'll keep a look out!:)
    Love y'all!


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