Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Party!!

will be drawn again.

Wednesday, June 8th

It's a Blog Party!

1. What are two songs that describe you? 

Hmm, I don't really know if I have one!

2. What do you most fear?

Snakes, roaches, well I don't actually fear them (roaches,) but I do NOT like them AT ALL!! Snakes are just well, scary! I am not scared of bugs, unless you are talking about black widows. My dad was bit once, and had to be rushed to the emergency room, in VERY much pain. I am also scared of some ocean creatures, ya know, sharks, great whites, bull sharks, and mostly the sand shark. Sand sharks are usually the only sharks that are near were I swim.:) Just something about swimming in water that is dark and you can't see where you are stepping!  

3. What color(s) dominate(s) your wardrobe? 

Lot's of colors, none really the same! However I have a bunch of creams, whites, pinks and dark blues.

4. How do you normally do you hair?

I normally  have it down, or in a loose low braid.

5Do you prefer milkshakes or smoothies?  

I I love both!

6. Do you like the color pink? 

Very much, but it is not my favorite color.

7. What is your favorite flower? 
So many! Must I pick a favorite. Since I don't have one favorite I will list my top favorites!:)
                                              Water Lily
Water Lily

Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon


                                                         Verbena Flower
8. How many states have you been to? So many, I live in SC. I have been to NC, GA,FL,VA,MD, WV, PA, DE, MA, NJ, NY,CT, and to Canada.  

9. What is your favorite thing about June? 
It's the beginning of summer!!! {Well, at least for most people. Being done with school, such a nice brake. Especially since we live 5 minutes from the beach, I do NOT like such hot weather or the mosquitoes! 

10. Describe your "dream wedding location."

     I haven't thought much of it. But..... I would probably like to be married in a beautiful field where wildflowers grow. And may be a pretty little creek to be near by. Lot's of large, old, and mossy oak trees over hanging.

Thanks for hosting Lucia!

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