Thursday, January 7, 2010

cross stitching

For Christmas I got a cross stitching set. I have been working on it the past few days and it is so fun! At first I had no clue as to what to stitch but then my mom had a great idea. My parents are having a really hard time deciding on what to name the baby. They keep shaking on names then a week later shake on a different one. So anyway the idea was that next time they are decisive on a name I can put the name on it and confirm it. I am also going to do a zig- zag border for it. It is the first one I have ever done and it is not perfect, but it is getting better.


  1. I would love for you to make Gracelyn one.

  2. I love cross stitching! I haven't done one in a while, but last time I did do one I couldn't put it down!

    Before Kamryn was born I went to a birthday party at the Pottery Barn and we were painting plates.
    My mom was close to having Kamryn, but we didn't know if she would be a baby boy or a baby girl. I wanted another baby sister, so that's what I thought she would be. :) The plate I made was for her was pink and had little angels all over the rim. She still has the plate now.
    I really love your cross stitching idea!

    I awarded you over on my blog:)

    Hope you're doing well!



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