Thursday, January 21, 2010


It has been a really busy week but I finished my sampler! The babies name is going to be Hosanna! We think her middle name is going to be Melody. So I stitched " Hosanna is a gift from God" on it. Mom is going to frame it and put it some were for little Hosanna. I can't hardly wait for her to get here, she will be born pretty soon thou! I will take some pictures and post them soon.


  1. Good job Payton! Hosanna is a pretty name. You should post some pics.

    Love Ya,


  2. Peyton!! Hey girl! That's so precious that you made something so sweet for little Hosanna. Take good care of your mom!! I know you will. Love you.

  3. Peyton,
    Thanks for stopping bye(For Narnia and For Aslan)! And for your comments. I 14 and also home schooled, and I love it! Nice blog you have here, I love the background. Oh, and my main blog (By The Way) is private but if you drop me an email ( I'll be more then happy to send you an invite.

    Love in Christ,


  4. Hi Peyton!
    Thanks for swingin' over to my blog, I love meeting new people!
    It's really neat that you're from SC, my Mama was born in Charleston and grew up there and in Columbia. We're down there once a year or so, since my grandmother, aunt and uncle live there.
    God bless!

    p.s. I love the name Hosanna!

  5. Hosanna is such a beautiful name! Thanks for following me; I'm following you!

    Queen Lucy


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