Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I know this is really late but I really wanted to blog about it since I didn't get a chance on fathers day. I just want to say that I have the best father in the world!! Here are 10 of the 1 hundred things that I love about my daddy:

#1. He is soooo kind!

#2. He always will stop and listen to you even for such small maters.

#3. He loves mama and us kids sooo much.

#4. He love Jesus first of every thing.

#5. He teaches us children about God and disciplines us.

#6. When he is here every one can't help but be happy!

#7. He keeps his promises.

# 8. He gives the BEST hugs and kisses.

# 9. He brings home treats to make us happy ( mom to, like flowers)

# 10. He is always playing with us!

Oh and I would also like to say I also have the best mama, but since it was fathers day I wrote about daddy.


  1. What a blessing you are to your daddy...and us all. I know he will be so proud of your list. You are such a love, Peyton. I thank God for you. oxoxox

  2. Peyton,

    I do love you so much! You are such a precious young lady and God has richly blessed me by giving you to me. I treasure the walk we took the other night and I look forward to many more with you. I love you my little Peyty!

    Love Dad

  3. Sooo sweet! I love my Daddy too!:) Love you girl!



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