Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sweet little Eden Joy

 Above are some pictures of my sweet baby sister Eden. I took these about a month ago and am just now posting them.:) Is she not adorable??!! Her personality also goes along with her face, SWEET!! I love taking pictures of her. She is so photogenic, well until the end, as you can see in the last picture.:))    


  1. Peyton-

    She is just precious! You are blessed to have such a beautiful family.

    If you have moment, please follow my blog at

    God Bless!

    ~Miss ALK

  2. She is SO cute!!
    It must be the name!!

  3. She has gotten so BIG!!! I remember when y'all were waiting and waiting for her to born :) Wow....and yes, she is absolutely adorable and quite photogenic :) She looks like the rest of y'all...definitely a Hardwick :D

  4. She's simply darling! Very sweet photos -- my siblings do the same as the last picture. ;)

    Have a lovely day!


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