Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Likes and dislikes about summer

 Hi every body! I know summer has been here for a while, so this post is a little late, but I will post it anyway! 10 things I love about summer. Here I go!

1. Water, ya know the beach and pool.

2. Warm weather, though I do not really ,like any weather over 90 degrees!:(

3. Fresh fruits: Watermelon, strawberry's, grapes, oranges, grape fruits (with sugar on top,) grapes, peaches plumbs, mangoes,cherries,  and the list goes on! Yes, I am a fruit lover!:)

 4. Cook outs!

5. Ice cream, lemon-aid, and all those cool treats. I had better stop, making myself hungry for some!!   

6. Time off from school.

7.Just a time to relax!

8. Lots of vacations!

9. No coats or sweatshirts.

10. Light summer clothes, and flip flops!

There, is that a good enough list? Okay, now here is my list about what I don't like about summer.

  1. Really hot weather!

  2. Mosquitoes.

   3. Snakes.

   4.  Sunburn!

   5. When it gets to hot to go out doors, and you get board inside. I guess that is the same as disliking the hot weather. So in a way I like to have school through the really hot months in the summer, and have time off in the fall and spring. Actually my whole family does, so that is what we are going to do this year. I would love to read your likes and dislikes of summer! God bless,


  1. My likes about summer are similar to yours- I love icy summer treats, and being able to go to the beach is wonderful!


    ~Miss ALK

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  2. I agree peyton. I hate hot weather!! hmmmm who ever took that awesome picture on your new header??? could it have been me???:):)
    love you


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