Monday, February 8, 2010

To day is Farah Beth's third birth day!! She is adorable running around in her new princess dress and doll. Hunter got her a bag of Candie and I think that might be her favorite:-) She is also going to share her birth day with the baby Hardwick who is on her way( my mom is being induced this morning!) Treasure and I have a birth day a day apart and I love it. Pleas pray for a quick and healthy delivery for the baby and here is 10 things I love about my sweetest 3 year old in the world!!

1. She is adorable!!

2. she is sweet

3. she is sharing( even with her Candie)

4. She is totally my girl!

5.She is really smart

6.She loves to make people laugh

7. She does not complain much

8. She is out going( at home at least at home)

9. She loves to help people out

10. She loves to give Hugs!


  1. Your little sister's name reminded me of something: we've met y'all before!!!! It was about three years ago, at HEAV, the Virginia homeschool conference. Y'all had missed the SC one, so you drove up here. I distinctly remember meeting you and your siblings (at least the ones that we born then) and remember that one of your youngest siblings (or the youngest at the time) was named Farah Beth!!! This is really neat :)

  2. That is such a beautiful post, Peyton. I love you!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Farah! Sounds like you really love your little sister. Wonderful way to honer her on her special day.



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