Saturday, May 15, 2010

We rescued 2 baby deer!!!!!

Hello every one! Yesterday we had to go some where and my dad was supposed to be home but he was late. When he got home, he told us that he had been holding an abandoned 10 day old baby deer! (He works out on Seabrook Island golf course.) Anyway he felt bad the rest of the day. Then, that afternoon, when me and my brothers and sisters were outside, my dad said that we would go back and look for him because he was so helpless and sick. Well we got there and we looked all around and we couldn't find him. We were all praying that we would find him because we knew he would die if he didn't eat. Anyway, we were getting in the car and my dad was going to pick some black berries for us when he heard him crying again. So he looked and finally found him! He is really tiny and was very sick last night but seems fine today. We are going back and forth between the names John Deer and Bamby for him, but we can't decide. Well anyway, my dad got another call from his assistant that there was another baby out there that he had found! So my dad and I went out there and picked him up. They are both bucks! He looks alot like the other one except just a little bigger! We named him Spunky because when I picked him up he would yell and squirm. Last night we went to Pet Smart and got a small animals bottle for him. We feel like we have two new babies because they have to eat every 3 hours. Hunter made up a joke this morning and said " we are on Noah's ark because we have two by two's, 2 dogs, two birds, two rabbits and now two dear," and my dad said "yea, that's because we have an obedient Noah! " We are going to bring them to an animal shelter soon where they will care for them until they are old enough to be set free in the wild. It's so fun to care for them even if it's only for a day or two. Maybe I'll post some pictures on Peyton's Picture spot.

PS. please tell me if you like John Deer or Bamby best.

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