Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Farah Beth!!

Can I keep Farah Beth 3 forever???? I love her sooooo much!! OK, believe it or not my dad can sound just like Elmo! Well the other day Farah Beth had to stay home with mom and sick little Josiah while the rest of us went to sing at my Great Grandmothers church and she couldn't come. So any way, to make her feel better he called home and acted like he was Elmo. After he got off the phone Farah Beth said " Mama Elmo called me"! So ever since dad will call her and she will sing songs for him! Farah Beth has never liked the little show but ever since " Elmo called her" she has loved it! It's so cuit! That little girl is unbelievably smart and it's kind of funny she hasn't figured it out yet. She is always making us laugh and make life so interesting!

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  1. Hey Peyton
    It is so nice to see somebody that is so sweet and nice to their sisters!
    Love ya


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