Monday, August 9, 2010

Started school today!!!

We started school today!! It was really fun and I learned allot. 7th grade isn't easy but it's fun! My mom is soooo amazing! She now has 6 in school, Farah Beth in pree school and Josiah AND Eden who is extremely rotten. You can't really blame her though being the youngest of the family of 11, not to mention looking very pitiful and loud when she wants to be held;-) Any way just pray for mama:-) Well I have to go but I just wanted to post that.


  1. Peyton,

    YOU are the one that's amazing!! You are the best daughter and student I could ever have hoped for. Love You,


  2. Dear Peyton,
    I have not heard you for months!!! Missed you!:) I just sent an invite to become friends on Shelfari. There are a lot of girls from different blogs around here that are on Shelfari, and Johanna and Miriam and I have a Christian book group that you might be interested in joining! If you are, just leave me a comment on Shelfari, and I will invite you!
    Love From Your Sister in Christ,


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