Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photo Shoot

 Hello every one! Yesterday I was playing with the little ones. All of the little girls wanted to dress up, so I helped them. Farah Beth and Treasure have been watching the American Girl movie Samantha lately, so they wanted to dress up like Her. I thought they were so cute ( and nearly looked like a 20th century child) so I wanted to get some pictures. Aren't they so cute?! 

                                                                       Farah Beth, she was quite proud of her dress:-)


                                                                                              I love this one!
                                                             Well anyway, Josiah and Eden wanted to get in also. So, I let them. I set up my own photo area, dressed them up, then took some shots. I found out that the only thing harder to do then get Josiah to sit still, was to get him make a regular face! All he wanted to do was to make faces, then run and look at each shot. He was so cute though, and I did manage to get just a few serious faced ones..........

    Have a blessed week,

          ~ Peyton~


  1. I love you Peyton! You are such a blessing to me:) Your sisters and brothers adore you.

  2. Those look so cute even the ones of Josiah!

  3. Aww... The pictures of your siblings are adorable!!!

    Loving little siblings... Especially mine,
    Kianna Rose


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