Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Twenty things I love about the Fall/Winter season

     Hi there! I know I have already written about fall and winter, but  this time I am going to make a list of twenty things I love about it. So here I go!

    1. Cool weather

     2. Colorful trees

     3.  School starts back, and yes, I am exited about that!:)

     4.  Those clear, deep blue sky's

     5. Birth day season in the Hardwick home starts! Mine is next month!:)

    6. The brilliant star filled nights (that is if you live in the country like us.)


     8. All the soups my mom makes

    9. The smells of gingerbread, pies, cakes, spices, pumpkins, and all those other good things drifting through the house! Got to stop with the food, making my self seriously hungry!!

   10.  Being able to run through our woods and clime trees again without worrying about  snakes, ticks and all those other wood critters!:)

   11. Long jeans and short sleeve shirts

   12. All the fall clothing colors and styles: cardigans, jeans, turtlenecks, sweaters, knee high socks, boots  and  so on.......

    13.  Fires in your living rooms as you are drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book! Now who's not looking forward to that??
    14. Feeling cozy inside when it's cold outside!

    15. Getting exited when you see it MAY snow on the weather forecast, ( if you live in SC you will no what I mean.:)

   16. No more of those rainy days (well at least not as often.)

   17. You can go out places with out feeling scorched when walking, then suffocated when you get back in your car!:)

  18. When it stays dark longer and you get to sleep in longer in the mornings!

   19. Then on the other hand, I love it when I beat everyone out of bed, wrap up in a blanket, fix my self some steaming tea, and read my Bible on the front porch as I see dawn brake.

  20. All the holidays are around the corner!

    So there you go! I put them down randomly as I thought of each one so they are not in order. Oh, and Veritas starts tomorrow so please pray for me. I hope you have a wonderful (rest of the) week!


  1. You are so my child! I would have written each and everyone of those:)

  2. Ahh, loved all of them! My favorite was the book, blanket, coffe, and fire! I do love winter. I love all the seasons, but do love winter. :D

    In Christ,

  3. I know what you mean when you hear it MAY snow on the weather forecast because I lived in Okinawa, Japan, for three years and now am in Middle Georgia where it (almost) NEVER snows!!! Also love the fall clothing, getting cozy inside, and the early, dark nights :)


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